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If you really want to learn to surf, and want more than a social event........  then, we suggests you book a private lesson, back to back.... ie;

Day 1, private lesson with equipment for 24 hours would cost $90 plus $45 for equip.,  

Total, $135

Lesson is 2 1/2 -3 hrs.

Day 2, private " intermediate" lesson, cost $90.....

Total Cost for 2 days of private lessons with equipment : $225

Compare that price to a group "clinic"!

And, you are getting lessons from a trained instructor, not just a          " surfer who can teach you to surf".....

And, to top that!  We will only work with a ratio of 3:1, so if you have a group of 3 people, the cost would be reduced....We will however work with family groups.

Per person cost for a 

1 day lesson with equip. with 2 people, would be

$115 each, with 3 people cost per lesson with equipment per person would be $105!


Prepare your body and mind for your surf experience! Do a 30 minute personalized Vinyasa yoga flow with Jules on the beach at the beginning of your lesson. Yoga helps loosen stiff muscles, opens up the body, grounds the mind, and gets you ready to ride the waves. Jules has designed a power Vinyasa yoga flow using poses targeting areas of the body most used in surfing. Get the most out of your surf lesson by requesting a yoga warm-up. All levels welcome! Cost is $25 per person.

-Julie Adams is a surf instructor and a certified 200 hour Vinyasa Yoga teacher.


Updated 8-9-15

Barely Used! 9' 1/2" Robbie Dick

22 1/4" X 2 3/16th, 16 3/8"Nose, 14 1/2" Tai

3 stringers with wood nose block and tail block, 2+1 fin set up

gloss and polish with pin lines on the deck.

(Excellent condition, only ridden by Robbie)

With fins and new leash  $695



6'10" Linden "Ranger" Quad - Parabolic

Navy Camo, gloss finish, some pressure spots on the bottom

and some nose repair.

21 1/2" X 2 3/4",  12 1/2" Nose, 15"T

With fins only  $575         consignment

9'3" Robert August, Martinson step deck

23 1/2" X 3 1/8"

Single fin with a Turbo Tunnel Fin, dings have been

professionally repaired, board is water tight

$375            (consignment)







































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