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Kids Surf


July 14'







If you really want to learn to surf, and want more than a social event........  then, we suggests you book a private lesson, back to back.... ie;

Day 1, private lesson with equipment for 24 hours would cost $90 plus $45 for equip.,  

Total, $135

Lesson is 2 1/2 -3 hrs.

Day 2, private " intermediate" lesson, cost $90.....

Total Cost for 2 days of private lessons with equipment : $225

Compare that price to a group "clinic"!

And, you are getting lessons from a trained instructor, not just a          " surfer who can teach you to surf".....

And, to top that!  We will only work with a ratio of 3:1, so if you have a group of 3 people, the cost would be reduced....We will however work with family groups.

Per person cost for a 

1 day lesson with equip. with 2 people, would be

$115 each, with 3 people cost per lesson with equipment per person would be $105!


Prepare your body and mind for your surf experience! Do a 30 minute personalized Vinyasa yoga flow with Jules on the beach at the beginning of your lesson. Yoga helps loosen stiff muscles, opens up the body, grounds the mind, and gets you ready to ride the waves. Jules has designed a power Vinyasa yoga flow using poses targeting areas of the body most used in surfing. Get the most out of your surf lesson by requesting a yoga warm-up. All levels welcome! Cost is $25 per person.

-Julie Adams is a surf instructor and a certified 200 hour Vinyasa Yoga teacher.


New Surfboards in from Gary Linden (Linden Surfboards), Robert  August, Robbie Dick, and Bob Bolen (The Greek). We also have a good collection of Used Boards.

Daily Surf Report

Friday March 27 Surf Report:

"Scroll to the right for the surf report"

Daily Report

63 and partly cloudy today with WSW swell 6-7ft@ 10 sec's with light SE winds, water temp at 53,  low tide at 12:25pm, and high tide at 6:50pm.





Forecast for Cannon Beach:

Friday: WSW 7ft@ 12 sec’s with light ESE winds, later winds SW 10-15mph, low of 48, high of 59, and 90% chance of rain in the later afternoon early evening.
Saturday: W 6-7ft@ 10 sec’s with light WSW winds, 46/57, mostly cloudy and 20%
Sunday: W 7-8ft@ 12 sec’s with light S winds, 48/59, am 40%
Monday: WSW 8ft@ 10 sec’s with SE winds, 5-10mph, 46/57, pm 90%
Tuesday: W 8-10ft@ 8 sec’s with W winds 5-12mph, 44/56, clouds and 80%
Wednesday: W 7-8ft@ 10 sec’s with SW winds 5-10mph, 44/55, clouds and 70%



We now carry handcrafted & custom fitted AXXE wetsuits


New Stuff in the Shop!

CB Rock's

From Crowerk's

24z  bottle  $27

18z bottle $22


For a limited time, we have


These are great! I wear them!

Size Small (5-7.5)

Medium ( 8-10)

Large ( 10-13)





Surf Furs now in stock!

Original Full length

$140  XS - 3X



NEW!  Surf Fur

Zip Hoodies!

XS-XL  $75


Free shipping on items over


(not including boards )

No Sales Tax in Oregon!

IF by chance you are early

to the Beach, our Beach Store

adjacent to the surf shop

serves "Thundermuck"

Coffee, we are open by 6:30am


We Now carry

GO-PRO Camera's

and Accessories


Just in our newest T-shirts

S-3X  $23

Long sleeve

Gray Shirt

S-2X  $25


Lt  Blue short sleeve

S-2X  $23






S-2X with gray ink



Light Gray Long Sleeve T's

S-XXL  $25


Youth Hoodies

Dark Gray  S-XL $35


Brown 1/4 zip sweatshirts

S-3X  $25


Carver Skateboards

Various sizes and styles



For more info on Carver Skate Boards:


Carver Skateboards






Zok, Board Socks with a zipper!

7'6" - 11'



Women's Hoodie

S-XL  $45


STRGHT Skateboards

Hand Carved and USA made

Pintail,  34" X 7 3/4" Bamboo  $180

Regular boards, 26 1/2" X 8"  $160

All boards have "Speed" Trucks and

"No Waves, No Worries STRGHT wheels.

For more info on these boards:

STRGHT Skateboards



New Shirts in from

Body Glove

S-XXL   $37



One of our old classics

"BFD Surf"

S-2X  $20





Blue or Lt Green/Gray


S - 2X  $20 ea.





"CB Rocks"


S - 2X  $24

We now also have them with only the

front small logo, no back print.



"CB Rocks"

Pink and Tan shirts

S-XL  $24 (2X in tan)





"Cannon Beach Rocks"

Green Trucker Hat    $15



"CB Rocks"

Growler Bottles, 40z   $25

Kids T-shirts

XS -XL  Purple, Lt. Blue or Navy





"Toy Boarders"

Skateboarders, Surfers and Snowboarders

$5.95 bag of 24



Black Sweatpants

$25  S-XXL





Girls Pink Zip Hoodies





Matuse "Tumo"

Geoprene 4/3





Just in!

Body Glove 2mm and 3mm

"Vapor" gloves


Body Glove and Xcel Gloves

1.5m - 3m


Body Glove "Prime" 5mm & 3mm

round toe boots


Xcel Boots

5mm - 7mm split and round toe

Purple or Black CB surf t-shirts

Adult sizes S-2X  $20

Brown zip hoodies

S-2X  $45

"Friends"  Crew neck sweat shirt

Navy Blue,  Small - 3X    $20





We now have surf t-shirts from Ireland!

3 styles, to get you in touch with

your heritage!



Women's shirts

S-XL  $25












We carry Dreg's wheels and Trucks

Fasen Scooters

1- Silver





Kala Ukulele

Makaha  $49 to $59


St. Christopher Medals

Sm $12 - Med  $14 - Lrg  $16


Freestyle Watches


Smith Sunglasses




Hydro Fins  "Tech-2"




Hydro Fins  "Original"


H2o 5mm Fin socks  $23

Paddle Gloves  $20

Vere Sandals

Made in the USA!

size 6- 13  mens and womens

rubber $34, leather $54

Telic Sandals

Made in the USA!!   

Super soft and comfortable!




PJ Bottoms

S-L     $25

Mexican Pancho's

M-XXL    $25

Made in Mexico


Body Glove

Neoprene Jackets

S - XXL    $120





Women's Bathing Suits

Made in the USA!

Popina's made in Portland, OR.

Toes on the Nose, made in S. Cal. Girls 4sports from Santa Cruz.

We normally have a couple prints from a local

Photographer, Joseph Bowman on display


Cannon Beach Surf is the ONLY shop

where you can find the

"Original"  CB Stickers, they have been around

for over 20 years.... 

(not the cheesy ones that are sold elsewhere)



CB Surf Die Cut stickers  $3

Cannon Beach Die Cut White sticker $2.50


Sloggers Boots and Shoes

Made in the USA!

Boots $40, shoes $35




Nice Selection of DVD's

$2.00 each




Just got in a bunch of  fins from "Fins Unlimited" all shapes and materials.......



Back in Stock!!!

Our "Infidel" T-shirts!!  $20





Full selection of Xcel boots and gloves

And all the new 11' suits in stock!

We now have available

Oregon State Parks

Day-Use Passes

12 month or 24 month


Welcome to our Website!

Our focus is on high quality surf equipment and accessories from smaller, high end companies that make their products in the USA, or the "America's" . I hand select our boards to match the conditons of surfing in Oregon and the Pacific Northwest.

We are NOT the "supermarket" style surf shop!

Custom board orders are encouraged!


Please call us if you are looking for something special, and don't see it listed on our site.




We now list and show our rental fleet on the

"lessons / rentals" page.

Welcome to Cannon Beach Surf

Owned by Mark Mekenas, who can usually be found in the shop, or close by.  We are Cannon Beach residents, as are our staff.

We strive to maintain a friendly ("Attitude Free") shop.

We like to focus on smaller, high quality companies with products made in the USA or the "America's" that share our love of the sport and lifestyle.  We  use what we sell!

Quality in our people and products is our #1 Priority!


We offer rentals, lessons and repairs all year long! We also sell surfboards and wetsuits both new and used.

We will continue to focus on and sell high quality, hand made in the USA Surfboards from Linden, Robert August, , Robbie Dick, Con to name a few. We welcome custom orders from any of the shapers that we represent.

Give us a call (503-436-0475) or stop by the shop in Cannon Beach, Oregon and let us help you get your new board and surf gear.

We are proud to offer discounts to our Military Members, both Active, Reserve and retiree's on all products and rental programs.  Ask us! 

We carry:
Leashes, fins, Dreggs Skate Boards, Boogie Boards , wax, stickers, jewelry, Indo Boards, XM Radio's, mags, posters, postcards, hula girls for the dash, DVD's, cds, books, drinks, OCEAN KAYAKS, and much more!



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