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Sale on used boards!

Check em out! !!

We just picked up 2 of "The Greeks" Boards.  Each of his boards are hand shaped, numbered and dated.

Red board is a 9'6" Stylemaster

Yellow is a 9'0"

both are $995 each

including fins, leash and bag

Just in!



6'0" Linden Fish sold , 5'11" Walden $495, 5'10" Walden Magic Fish $625

6'2" Walden "retro" $625 , 6'2" Cult "grinder" $425 , 6'0" Hammer fish $525

6'6" Walden $450, 6'6" Walden Magic Fish $635, 6'4" Hammer fish with 2+1 fin set up $580.

7'4" Linden "compression"$575, 7'2" Walden fun board $625, 6'6" Walden "CD" $660

7'8" Pearson Arrow "hybrid" $575, 7'6" Walden fun shape $650, 7'6" Linden "catalina"$600

Retro Boards! 

Single fin 6'0 Linden $650

!!Newly Launched!!

CB is a girls only surf group, put together by some of ourlocal girls for girls who surf around the Northwest.

Surf Clinics for 2006!

Girls only: June 19th - 21st

Mixed : June 23rd - 25th

More info to follow!

8'0" Hollingsworth fun board Sold, 8'6" Con Butterfly, with acid wash bottom, tri fin Sold

9'0" Dewey Weber "quantum" $935



(active or reserve) Receives 15% off on all purchases (except surfboards) in both of our stores.

The State of Oregon Parks and Rec. is now offering a special pass for Veterans with service - connected disabilities.   We have the form to fill out in the shop, or go to  any State of Oregon Park Office to pick it up.


Casual Shoes, now on sale for $20

Stock on hand only.





quick news

Bushnell Binoculars with built in digital camera's now in stock!

Nice Selection!


Winter 06 hours

Main Store:
Friday, Sat. & Sun. 8a to 6p

Mon - Thurs : 8:30a to 5:00p

Downtown Store:
Fri, Sat. & Sun.10a - 6p

Mon - Thurs:  10a to 5p

closed tuesday & wednesday

Welcome to Cannon Beach Surf!
Two Cannon Beach locations

Sign up sheets are available for our 6th Annual Surf Clinics!

Main Store location Downtown location

1088 South Hemlock
Cannon Beach, Oregon 97110
Nextdoor to the Surfsand Resort

240 North Hemlock
Cannon Beach, Oregon 97110
In Coaster Village Downtown

9' Linden classic LB, deep blue acid wash Sold with fins, leash and bag.

7'10" Linden, $775 with fins, leash and bag.

6'4" Walden Magic Fish $735 with fins, leash and bag.

8'0" Walden Magic  $775 with fins, leash and bag.

Annie, a longtime local is glad to help you at our main store or the downtown store  

Kirdy is back!

At least for the most part!

9'6" Dewey Weber Performer Sold

9'6" Con "super ugly" $900
Luke is alway willing  to help you, he works weekends, and teaches school during the week

9'6" Hansen 50/50 $900, with fin, leash and bag.

8'6" Hansen 50/50 mini $875 with fins, leash and bag.   

Paloma works between school and sports,and gets paid for this!
     Julie (on left ) works weekends between sports and school, and is a trained instructor.

Great selection of Xcel, Body Glove, Boz, West and Aleeda Wetsuits, in men, womens and childrens sizes.  


Jules : Instructor and Photographer !

     5'10" Cult "LSD" $475,

6'4" Hynson 4 fin $550


9'0" Dewey Weber Stylist  Sold with fin, leash and bag.



9'0" Hollingsworth Lightning Bolt


9'0" Walden Tradional, single fin


  Custom Tow Boards Available


Cannon Beach Surf, is owned and operated by Cannon Beach residents. We strive to maintain a knowledgeable and friendly ("Attitude Free") shop. We offer rentals and repairs all year long! We also sell surfboards both new and used, wetsuits and accessories. We will continue to bring in and sell high quality,hand made in the USA Surfboards from Linden, Con, Dewey Weber, The Greek, Hansen, Hammer and Walden to name a few.  Our selection of imported, machine made boards is limited, but we do carry some.

Give us a call or stop by the shop in Cannon Beach, Oregon and let us help you get your new board and surf gear.

We carry:
Leashes, fins, wax, stickers, jewelry, mags, posters, postcards, hula girls for the dash, videos, cds, books, drinks,OCEAN KAYAKS,and much more! We also offer Beach Access Wheelchair rental so you can take your loved one to the beach and visit our landmark, Haystack Rock. No one else in town rents em!


Check out our USED boards


7'6" Linden, Retro single fin  $625

10'0" Hammer with acid wash panel $675

9'2" Hammer, acid wash bottom Sold




WEST 5/4/3 HOODED SUIT - $250

WEST 4/3 BACK ZIP - $195




Cannon Beach Surf
1088 S. Hemlock & 204 N. Hemlock
Cannon Beach, OR 97110
503 436-0475 & 436-0479
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